Xerjoff Alexandria II
Xerjoff Alexandria II
Xerjoff Alexandria II
Xerjoff Alexandria II

Xerjoff Alexandria II

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This perfume oil is inspired by Xerjoff Alexandria II.

Top notes: lavender, rosewood, cinnamon, apple
Middle notes: lily, rose, cedar
Bottom notes: amber, musk, oud, sandalwood, vanilla

Disclaimer: Zoha Aroma offers alternatives to designer fragrances. We create our own unique scents and are not affiliated with any designer brands or their manufacturers. All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

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Panayiotis Sevastides
Too much Hype for burned plastic

I have blindly ordered this due to the hype of the og. I have not smelled the og, but I did not like this smell all, and I would advise you sample it first. For sure a winter fragrance but still not to my liking.

Philip Roberts
Beautiful Alexandria, welcome me to your exotic paradise!

Wow I love this oil from Zoha (again!). This fragrance is just beautiful, luxurious, enchanting, breathtaking. I've never smelled the OG, but I compared it to Zara's clone and they are similar so I know Zoha hit it out of the park again with this inspiration. How can I describe it, it is slightly floral, slighly fruity, woody. potent, long lasting, but also quite easy to wear. Everything is blended so well, it is so smooth and elegant. Cant wait to try their other Xerjoff inspirations, thanks Zoha


Great smelling fragrance which is similar to the original Xerjoff. But it’s not long lasting.

Xerjoff Alex. II

1st time customer and Absolutely Amazed by the excellent quality of your products! I bought 4 bottles of your scented oils and all 4 are spot on and performance is fanastic! And can't hardly wait for my next order of 5 more!
5 *****!

Michael Sandiego

This is one truly masculine scent. The oud is there and uts a very nice one.the opening you get the lavender and some spice from the cinnamon. I have not yet tried the original but knowing Zoha, my money will be that they hit this scent on the mark. Beautiful scent indeed 😍