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Capturing the aromatic nuances of an Arabian cafe, Majālis is a fragrance named after the social gatherings of the Arabic world. In these culture-rich environments, peers come together to discuss various subjects while indulging in baked goods and warm beverages. Upon entering, the scent of Arabic coffee mingles with the aroma of freshly baked bread, pastries, biscuits, dates, and roasted nuts, along with the heavenly fragrance of the highest quality Agarwood incense that pervades the entire room and lingers on clothing. The harmonious combination of all these aromas produces the complex scent of Majālis by Zoha Aroma.

The fragrance opens with warm and indulgent notes of vanilla, coffee, and chocolate, creating a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of Arabian winter nights. As the scent develops, the richness of cacao and coffee is tempered by the emergence of honey and tonka bean. Vanilla remains a constant presence, mingling with amber and spices to balance the overall composition. The fragrance wears lightly with detectable hints of spices, avoiding an overly cloying sweetness. The scent concludes with a subtle and refined note of Oud, adding an exotic touch of elegance.

Take an aromatic journey through an Arabian cafe with Majālis by Zoha Aroma and experience the vibrant spirit of Arab gatherings in a fragrance.

(The latest batch of Majālis by Zoha Aroma contains a luxurious addition of premium Indian and Cambodian oud. This exclusive ingredient adds an even more exotic and sophisticated touch to the already complex fragrance, creating a truly unique and captivating olfactory experience.)

Main notes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Honey, Tonka Bean, Spices, Amber, Coffee, Cambodian & Indian Oud.

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Classification: Unisex
Season: fall/winter

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Fry
Great fragrance

Niche level quality

Sean M
Smells great in the bottle, not on my skin

Most scents I’ve found to be pretty much the same when applied to my skin, but this one went from a lovely musky tropical scent in the bottle to a sour sweaty smell when applied (and no, I wasn’t sweaty myself). I’m not sure what caused this, but I had to wash it off and will not be using it again. I really wanted to like this scent, but I’ll stick with my favorite from Zoha: Agar Precieux—impossible to go wrong with that one.

Carlos Villalpando

Incredible gourmand

Excellent Fragrance

I am very pleased with this purchase. Majalis is an outstanding scent with great longevity. Not sure about sillage projection because that hasn't been experienced yet. What impresses me is that Majalis performed right out of the bottle when first opened, instead of waiting for it to macerate over time to develop. I would highly recommend.


The fragrance is nice, delivered relatively quickly considering it came from another country. Well packaged. Well priced. Only thing I don’t like is that the seller is not responsive to inquiries at all which means customer service is nonexistent. Whatever you get or don’t get, you’re on your own when shopping with Zoha Aroma.