Jannatul Firdaus

Jannatul Firdaus

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Jannatul Firdaus, which means "Highest Paradise" in Arabic, is a traditional attar appreciated for its green, floral and grassy characteristics. It is composed of white floral and green notes, which are combined with a rich base of cinnamon, rose, and sandalwood. The scent initially smells very green-herbal, aromatic and fresh, then evolves into a rich floral-woody-spicy scent.

The vivid experience you'll achieve when wearing this traditional attar is as if you've just entered a forest that is abundantly filled with trees and flowers, and there had just been a small rainfall moments earlier. As you walk through the forest, you'll smell the captivating aroma of jasmine, lotus, gardenia and rose, combined with the pleasant aroma of wet grass and wood. Indeed, a beautiful experience!

Main notes: jasmine, rose, lotus, gardenia, grass, cinnamon, sandalwood, woody notes and herbal notes.