Golden Sand

Golden Sand

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Golden Sand is a unisex gourmand fragrance that features sweet and citrus notes. The opening of the fragrance starts off with the freshness of the citrus notes. Following the opening, Golden Sand evolves into a sweet, warm-caramel, vanilla-based scent, and it remains so throughout its span. Golden Sand is a must-have for gourmand lovers as it suits the gourmand genre of fragrances perfectly!

Customer Reviews

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Can you make a 50 ml EDP bottle of this ? This woulb be a homerun.

Mr Mo

This is a really unique subtle but complex fragrance. It kind of plays the background. Like a good theme song that you don’t consciously know is there but you know is their . What I began doing is layering this with other sweet type fragrances. And it works perfectly. Like I said not too strong but it’s there . A nice sweet mellow note . Definitely blind buy worthy

Michael Sandiego

It's been said already by many reviews, this is a greatscent by zoha absolutely fantastic. The Hype is real !!!

Hamad S

Top quality perfume oil, stays on the skin for 10+ hours
Highly recommended ...unisex ...
well done zoha perfumes

Angelo Reale

A beautiful vanilla/amber fragrance. It is not that overly sweet cookie/cake smelling vanilla. Very long lasting and many women have stopped me to know what I was wearing.