Creed Aventus

Creed Aventus

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This fragrance oil is inspired by: Aventus by Creed

Top notes: black currant, bergamot, apple, pineapple
Heart notes: rose, birch, jasmine, patchouli
Bottom notes: oak moss, musk, ambergris, vanilla

Customer Reviews

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Dan Roach
Really, Really Good!

Great accurate fragrance.


This is a compliments getter for sure, especially in a breezy day while walking down the street or enjoying a lovely meal in a lovely patio. I find it more suitable for open doors where air runs freely

Philip Roberts

Wow, another hit for Zoha, I love your Aventus oil. I've tried two clones, CDNIM and l'Aventure, but your blend is WAY better. I can smell the top notes distinctly and it's the first time I smell the blackcurrant :) Your lemony note smells natural since you used high quality bergamot. The whole blend is light in projection, rich and smooth, super luxurious and long lasting. Thanks Zoha, your honored King Aventus and me :)

Megan Heath

I am verrryy sensitive when it comes to purfumes but my boyfriend loves them. everytime he would wear one i would get hives. knowing that I can handle concentrated oils I bought him this fragrance as I know he would love creed aventus. It's a little lighter at first but dries down to a lovely any- season clean scent that is working out great for us! I've also bought others and so far this is the only perfume company I trust with my sensitive skin xx


Absolutely beautiful scent if you love Creed Aventus. This is so much more closer to the original which I have a small same of. The opening is very nice and gets better towards the drydown of the scent very good blend of the essential oils by Zoha.