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By Kilian Black Phantom

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This perfume oil is inspired by: Black Phantom by By Kilian

Main notes: rum, sugarcane, dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, almond, heliotrope, sandalwood.

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Customer Reviews

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mahendthiran subramaniam

This is an amazing fragrance that lasts long. You will feel better about yourself. It’s a daily reminder that life is sweet. Live life well.

A New Favorite

This fragrance is a great gourmand! I have not smelled the original, so I can’t say how close it is. I have tried several clones from different sources and this one is my favorite. I continue to be impressed by the quality of Zoha Aroma oils. A few years ago I did not think I would like gourmand fragrances. Since then I have experimented with a few. I still don’t care to smell like chocolate or coffee, but this one is balanced so well that without trying to pick it apart, those notes don’t stand out. My experience was that it is a beautiful aroma that I had never smelled before. With the other clones I tried, though they are very similar, the caramel or one of the other notes stand out and they don’t achieve the effect of being a new, unique aroma. The original may have subtle nuances that make it a different, but judging this oil on its own, it has become a new favorite for me.

Cozy winter scent

I do enjoy this one
Not too sure how to compare it to the original since I haven’t tried it.
I get some sort of a heavy nutty unique scent that I’ve never smelled before.
I would suggest on getting it if you are looking for a “heavier” yet cozy winter scent.
As always Zoha aroma does not disappoint.


Very strong and almost identical to the original

Philip Roberts

Hi everybody, I've been wearing Zoha's Black Phantom interpretation and I must tell you that it is fantastic! It is very bold and lasts forever. You know the notes so I dont need to go into detail, but this is potent, sensual and addictive ;) Just perfect for this time of year and winter. Just empowers you. It's cozy, very unique, mysterious. You will have amazing value for your money with this oil and a memorable experience. Thanks Zoha for another gem :)