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Agar Précieux

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Bottle Size 55 ML

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AGAR PRÉCIEUX is inspired by Tom Ford Oud Wood.


Main notes: Agarwood, Rosewood, Black Pepper, Sandalwood, Amber, Cardamom, and Vanilla.
Concentration: Eau de Parfum.

Customer Reviews

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Andy Pelleymounter
Great value

Excellent cologne, finally, at a fair price! Highly recommend

Carlos Villalpando
Great stuff

Madjalis is awesome gourmand oud. Coffee sweet bread and oud

Thembakazi Mazaleni
Very pleasant smell.

This has been very well executed, very close to the original lasts a good 8 hours on the skin

Jackie Zhang
Excellent quality and reasonable price

I had been looking for TF Moss Breches for a while until I found Zoha Aroma. Their products have really entered into a space where I am interested. So I ordered some of them and intended to compare with my TFs, Agar Precieud is one of them in the first order. IMO they are much alike in notes (98%) . The 2% difference is Agar Precieud has more woody scent and it lasts longer on skin. I love this juice, along with the price, so I ordered 2 more lager size bottles and its perfume oil (60ml) at the 2nd time. In winter, I can spray Agar Precieud on my clothes and put Zora Aroma perfume oil "Lost Cherry" on skin; or spray "Cherisé" behind ears a collarbones and then put their perfume oil "Oud Wood" on the neck and wrists.

Michael J. Greca
Agar Precieux

Excellent rendition of Oud Wood. Not at all synthetic as some clones can be. This is refined, smooth and very pleasing. Excellent job Zoha