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By Kilian Black Phantom

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This fragrance oil is inspired by: Black Phantom by By Kilian

Main notes: rum, sugarcane, dark chocolate, coffee, caramel, almond, heliotrope, sandalwood.

Customer Reviews

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Cozy winter scent

I do enjoy this one
Not too sure how to compare it to the original since I haven’t tried it.
I get some sort of a heavy nutty unique scent that I’ve never smelled before.
I would suggest on getting it if you are looking for a “heavier” yet cozy winter scent.
As always Zoha aroma does not disappoint.

Philip Roberts

Hi everybody, I've been wearing Zoha's Black Phantom interpretation and I must tell you that it is fantastic! It is very bold and lasts forever. You know the notes so I dont need to go into detail, but this is potent, sensual and addictive ;) Just perfect for this time of year and winter. Just empowers you. It's cozy, very unique, mysterious. You will have amazing value for your money with this oil and a memorable experience. Thanks Zoha for another gem :)

Joe C.

The best rendition of this colonge that I have found to date for the price point and the scent.I put this on at 3:00pm and woke up at 7:40am this morning to this beautiful scent!Keep up the great work zoha will definitely be purchasing again in the future!👍


Haven't put my nose to the original, but I got a sample of this, and I really enjoy it. Quite a unique scent. Definitely cooler weather, and almost a nutty, chocolate vibe.