Napoleon Cologne

Napoleon Cologne

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NAPOLEON COLOGNE is inspired by Creed's 2019 release, Aventus Cologne.


Main notes: Musk, Mandarin Orange, Mint, Birch, Vetiver, Green Apple, Pineapple, Patchouli and Tonka Bean.
Concentration: Eau de Parfum.

Customer Reviews

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A very well done interpretation of Creed Aventus Colgone. I have the OG, and this gets close. High quality feel, with zero alcohol blast up top that you get with some dupes. IMPRESSED!


I will preface this by saying the other three sprays I bought from Zoha have been exceptional: Imagination, L’Immensite, and 40 Knots inspired.

To my knowledge Aventus Cologne was supposed to have the smokiness (birch tar) element really toned down so you’re left more with the fruity woody elements.

The bottle of Napoleon Cologne I got is , if anything, more smoky than other samples or clones of the original Aventus I have tried. This one is a miss for me

Francis Gomes

I have never smelled Aventus Cologne so am not sure how close this is to it but all I can say this fragrance smells so damn good. It definitely has the Aventus DNA in it but it just smells so great that I feel like wearing it everyday. I had ordered the 50 ml bottle and so happy I did as it is an excellent fragrance. I will definitely order another back up bottle.