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A beautiful Oud-based fragrance that is both creamy and sweet with a woody undertone. This luxurious scent features a blend of oud, amber, honey, and vanilla notes.

The creamy sweetness of honey and vanilla is perfectly contrasted by the woody accord of oud, creating a beautiful and alluring fragrance that is pleasing to wear.

Experience the exquisite beauty of Kalemat, a fragrance that evokes sophistication and elegance. Perfect for any occasion, it's a scent that will leave a lasting impression.

Top notes: oud, jasmine, guaiac wood
Heart notes: sandalwood, cedar, anise, coriander
Bottom notes: vanilla, amber, myrrh, honey, ylang ylang
Note: the current batch of Kalemat is a new formulation. It is prominently smoky, woody and spicy, while the sweetness from the vanilla and honey are toned down.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic As Always

I own Arabian Oud Kalemat Black. So I know how it smells. Amazingly, Zoha Aroma made it best. I'm from Bangladesh and I have collected dozens of Zoha aroma. Big fan!!

Great Job Zoha

Melissa Brun
Love it

I brought it years ago and it smells a little bit different I think the formula may have changed. But still amazing

Michael Sandiego

Damn this is do good sweet, smoky, with a little bit of spicyness and the woody scent is just amazing I am glad that I have this now... Hat's off to Zoha for making this scent. Beautiful and has a lot of projection.

Scentitar Fragrance

A Magnificent Fragrance ! Sweet,Complex and Woody without being dark or heavy at all.
I get 7 to 10 hours of longevity and good projection and silage. Honestly, I wouldn't want it any stronger and it is a real beauty !
If you are scared of oud or have never had a oud , I really encourage you to try this one and I think you will be happy, I know I am !


This is an unbelievably beautiful smell!