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Effulgere is an original blend by Zoha Aroma; it is classified as a sweet-spicy composition.

Effulgere is a cornucopia of spices and sweet nuances. The introduction presents a combination of sweet accords which merge to produce an aroma resemblant of caramelized sugar. Following the opening, Effulgere displays its arsenal of spices inducing warmth and comfort for the wearer. From amongst the spices, the notes of cardamom and nutmeg stand out significantly. While the scent lingers on skin, the wearer will continue to detect sweet elements of the blend slashing through the woods and spices. Effulgere is  highly suitable for office settings and formal events.


Main notes: Cardamom, Amber, Ambergris, Nutmeg, Almond, Saffron, Pear-wood, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood.
Concentration: Eau de Parfum.

Customer Reviews

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Diwaker D
Brilliant Fall Scent

I had ordered a bunch of samples and this was one of them. From the first spray, I knew it is something I'd like. It has a sweetness like BR 540, but with more character. In the dry down the sweetness goes down a bit and you are left with a sophisticated scent perfect for a cool fall evening.

Candace Shellnutt

I swear I smell oud but it's not in the scent profile. I should let it rest, I just received it today. I can tell this one is going to be a projection beast :) This is my third order. I'm astounded at the quality of your oils and I've been dipping my toe into the pool of your sprays. I learned with my first order that I need to let the sprays rest for a week or two to recover from the shipping. As of right now this is less sweet and more of a dry citrus oud.


Very nice scent profile. It reminds me of their interpretation of Baccarat Rouge 540, but less cloyingly sweet... which is good.
Very good all day performance with above average longevity and silage.
If you like BR540 and other scent profiles along that line, this is a must try in my book.