Nasomatto Black Afgano

Nasomatto Black Afgano

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This fragrance oil is inspired by: Nasomatto Black Afgano.

A dark oriental fragrance that features notes of Oud, incense, musk, resin, tobacco, and coffee. Black Afgano is an unique take on Arabian style fragrances and it is more suitable to men.

Top notes: cannabis, green notes
Heart notes: resin, woodsy notes, coffee, tobacco
Bottom notes: incense, oud

Customer Reviews

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Black afgano

I just received this in the mail. What a special unique scent. Its the kind of oud i’ve been searching for. Dry and woody.
Great change from the too sweet/too smokey/medicinal ouds out there. Seems to last and project as well. Don’t hesitate buying this one


It is very true to the original. A beautiful ambery chocolatey oud fragrance that is as soft as a cashmere sweater. It is truly unisex and great for cold weather. Like the original fragrance, this one also doesn't have much projection, but I'd say it is a bit stronger than the OG. Very long-lasting.


Damn good scent I only smelled a sample of the original and that was quite awhile ago maybe 2 years and a bit, and I absolutely love it. I forgotten about it it until I smelled it again and I have to get it but damn expensive. So here comes Zoha to the rescue with their interpretation of Black Afgano and it is very good. Just keep in mind that the oil is black, but that doesn't stain the skin just be aware that it may stain your clothes if you accidentally put some on your clothes. Love the dark green aspect of the scent.

T Jones

I was pleasantly surprised at how true this was to the original! Great sillage and performance all day long!