Tom Ford Amber Absolute
Tom Ford Amber Absolute
Tom Ford Amber Absolute
Tom Ford Amber Absolute

Tom Ford Amber Absolute

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This perfume oil is inspired by: Tom Ford Amber Absolute.

Main notes: Amber, Incense, Vanilla, Olibanum, Labdanum, and Woody notes.

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Philip Roberts
Amazing warm and rich scent, superb!

I must first say that I never tried Amber Absolute by Tom Ford, but saw many reviews on Youtube. This oil is rich, warm and projects a lot. It reminds of Black Phantom without the over the top sweet notes, ie caramel and chocolate.
I layer this one with Tobacco Vanille and brings it to a next level :) Very high quality here, bold and oriental, cosy and luxurious. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration Zoha :)

Incredible Amber Scent

I've never smelled the original, as it is way out of my price range but this is absolutely divine. Sexy, sticky, slightly spicy amber with just a hint of wood. Great throw and lasts hours. I could still smell it days later on a hoodie I wore after applying some.

Excellent fragrance

Smells great, I just purchased a larger bottle.


I'm not a huge fan of amber scents in general, so don't let the 4 star rating dissuade you. Can't say how similar this is to the TF original, as I haven't smelled it. This is an incredibly powerful and potent fragrance. There were times when I found it very enjoyable, and other times when it was overwhelming. I actually rolled some on a test strip, and left the paper on my kitchen table. Over the next three or four days I could smell the aroma filling the apartment from the moment I stepped in the door. I gifted this to my cousin, who really enjoys it.